blueberry season

We spent most of this past Labor Day driving from Fairbanks to Anchorage (on our way back from visiting my cousin and his wife), stopping to enjoy the scenery along the way.  South of Denali National Park, we came across this pair of trumpeter swans swimming along in a beautiful lake.  While my husband took pictures, I picked berries.

We are big fans of blueberry pancakes, and these tiny, tart berries are just right in pancakes.  That afternoon we picked most of a Nalgene bottle full, which lasted for a few batches of pancakes plus a blueberry-raspberry crisp later that week.

Just as we finished picking and walked back to our car, we looked up to see this sight across the road:

Alaska is so beautiful in the fall.  We don’t have the sugar maples of New England, but the red tundra, evergreens, and yellow birches make up for that.  Oh, and the wild blueberries.  Since Labor Day we have picked at Arctic Valley and Ice Cream Cone Mountain, and we’re headed out again this afternoon for more.  One gallon ziplock bag in the freezer just isn’t enough.

(All photos from my talented husband.  Check out his flickr page, linked on the right.)



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2 responses to “blueberry season

  1. battlemaiden

    Those are gorgeous photos. I love Fall in Upstate NY, too.

  2. have you seen my wordpress that i haven’t finished in months?
    its from last years berry picking….

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