girth growth

25 weeks

So. I’ve been eating a lot.  Can you tell?

It’s been interesting to hear the comments I’m starting to get from people.  I taught a class at work a few weeks ago, and during a break, a woman in the class asked me if I had just had a big lunch (of course she was joking, and wanting to hear how far along I was).  I sent some pictures to my mother, and she wrote back that I’m looking “ripe.”  Recently a gentleman I work with said, nodding at my belly, “so, you got one.”  I think that was my favorite comment so far.

The little one inside is moving more and more these days.  Last night she and I were awake in the middle of the night, and her movements didn’t exactly feel like kicks–more like she was twisting and turning and nudging me.  I like to think she’s preparing me for all the middle of the night awakenings after she’s born.

Food continues to be a source of great delight along with some frustration, as it seems like I can never eat enough.  I have gone to the kitchen at 3 or 4 am to eat some yogurt or bread in order to quell the empty feeling in my stomach.  Right now I’m finishing dinner–Vegetarian Groundnut Stew from Simply in Season (squash, cabbage, tomatoes, apples, onions, garlic, ginger, cayenne, peanut butter) with basmati rice.  I also roasted half of a kabocha squash (from our CSA box) which I think has a future as squash pie, a favorite of my husband’s.  Also, I’m about to put in a loaf of Almost No-Knead bread into the oven.

I had the day off today, and I enjoyed having time to run some food-related errands.  I found a mini-strainer that fits over a mug at Metro Cooks, so I can strain my favorite chai (my previous strainer was starting to fall apart).  I went to Modern Dwellers and bought a box of six truffles.  They have a delicious Ethiopian Berbere truffle, and I asked where they get the berbere.  She told me that someone brought some back for them from Ethiopia (lucky!) but she said they supplement with a local blend from Summit Spice. I went and bought some–I’m excited to try it out, and I’m hoping it’s good.  Once again, let me lament, there is no Ethiopian restaurant in Anchorage.  I would be such a loyal customer.

Off to do the mountain of dishes I just created.  I’m excited for our midwinter break coming up–we’re headed to Maui in a few weeks for a family vacation!  I’m excited for fresh, local fruit and sunshine.  May you find refreshment wherever you are!



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4 responses to “girth growth

  1. the berbere truffle is my favorite. Eric got me the pistachio lemon, margarita lime with salt and berbere for Valentine’s Day. please tell me how to make a squash pie. i have four kobochas.

  2. Krestia’s mom just makes a basic pumpkin pie recipe, but with squash instead. I also noticed this on The Wednesday Chef, which looks intriguing but somewhat heavy (three kinds of cheese! heavy cream!):

  3. I love that “so you’ve got one” comment too. So droll. My theory is that you need to stop eating so healthy and eat more junk food. That fills you up 😛 More desserts! Less vegetarian stews!

  4. Glorious! Both the tales of food and that belly! 🙂

    You look wonderful. Thanks for posting.

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