an ever-increasing appetite

I think one of the biggest challenges of being pregnant for me is trying to keep up with my appetite.  I am actually tired of being hungry all the time.  I’d like to eat a big meal and be satisfied for several hours, instead of getting hungry again in two hours.  I find it hard to take food with me everywhere I go, and to make healthy choices when I need a snack.  Maybe I’m just not much of a snack person.  Most granola bars are yucky and dry.  I can only eat so many raw vegetables with peanut butter.  I already eat yogurt and 2-3 pieces of fruit every day, plus usually a handful of almonds here and there.

So I was feeling relieved that I’m getting close to the end.  In two days, I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant.  Only 4 more weeks after that, and I’ll have a baby.  I was thinking that after that maybe my appetite would return to normal.  Then I started reading about your nutritional needs while breastfeeding.  While pregnant, a general rule of thumb is that you have to eat 300 more calories a day than your regular diet.  While breastfeeding, you should eat 500 more calories!

I’m tired already just thinking about it.  So, dear friends, give me some good ideas for snacks.  I have weak moments when I get a cookie and chai at Kaladi Brothers, or a chocolate milkshake and fries at a fast food place (yes, bad for me).  What are some easy, portable, delicious snacks to have around?

In other food news, I finally used my ice cream maker again after a long dry spell.  I made Maple Walnut Ice Cream which was delicious (a few changes: I used 1 1/4 cups of Grade A syrup reduced to 3/4 cup, and instead of two cups of cream and one cup of milk, I did two cups of milk and one of cream).  We had it with homemade carrot cake.  I didn’t feel bad about using a whole cup of maple syrup, since we are lucky enough to have parents in Upstate New York who send us a jug of maple syrup whenever we ask.

The little one inside me grows, kicks, keeps me awake at night, gives me heartburn, makes me have to pee all the time and occasionally gets the hiccups.  I love her so much already.  🙂



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5 responses to “an ever-increasing appetite

  1. Karen

    Rachel, I think you would love “sweet & salty” granola bars (due to your love of pretzels and ice cream together.) They’re a little bit more expensive because there are only 6 in a box, but there’s just no comparison to boring dry granola bars. I also eat a lot of honey-roasted peanuts and Ritz crackers.

    Speaking of ice cream, we’ve tried to make vegan ice creams a number of times, and they never freeze enough. Even after a long time, much of it is liquidy. I haven’t tried to make normal ice cream in this ice cream maker yet, so I don’t know if it’s the recipe or the machine- but do you ever have that problem?

  2. I make ice cream in four stages–mix up the batter (which, for non-vegan ice cream, involves eggs, so you have to cook it a bit to turn it into a custard), let the batter chill in the fridge completely (8 hours is good), churn the next day in the ice cream maker until mostly firm, and then freeze overnight. So if I want ice cream on Wednesday, I start making it on Monday! This batch didn’t churn up very firm (which I think had to do with the oven being on while it was churning, and in my kitchen, the standing mixer is next to the oven), but after 8 hours in the freezer it was fine. Homemade ice cream will always melt faster in the bowl because there’s no carageenan or xanthan gum binding it together (maybe there is in vegan ice cream?). But it should freeze firmly.

  3. muffins? the morning glory type with carrots, golden raisins, pineapple, crystalized ginger? what about some sort of quasi-healthy breakfast cookie with lots of protein and fiber?

  4. Karen

    Oh, ok- I just remember my mom’s homemade ice cream being at least edible right when it came out of the churn. The vegan ice creams are just stiff liquids. Most of them have no cooking step because there are no eggs, but Charles cooked the last one and it still didn’t freeze that much. Sure, they freeze solid in the freezer, but then they’re just blocks of ice! Also, he doesn’t like them to be “crystally,” he wants them to be creamy, but I think he’s just plain wrong and homemade ice cream should be crystally.

  5. Hilarie

    One healthy snack I love is 2% fat cottage cheese with jelly / jam on top. I usually put blackberry or raspberry all natural jam on it, and mix it around a little. Delicious, filling, and good for calcium! Also, you can get special magical cottage cheese that has probiotics in it that aid digestion.

    Another healthy snack is fresh berries. They won’t fill you up, but if you eat them with other small round items like raw peas, it might keep you satisfied for a while. (Drew laughs at me when I put blackberries, raspberries, blueberries, and peas all in the colander to rinse and devour.)

    How about some of that delicious salsa that you make? Also, homemade hummus can be divine. Are those healthy enough? You could make bruschetta and put it on bread, in lieu of salsa, to avoid eating the tortilla chips, if you think they’re too unhealthy.

    Keep in mind that you do need to eat a decent amount of “good” fats and oils when preggers, so don’t feel too bad about devouring something like avocados or olives that are oily and high in natural fats.

    Also, what about lentils? You like ’em? I love ’em. Eat ’em. With kale.

    Oh, and other healthy snack I like is defrosting those high-quality frozen vegetables like the broccoli by “Steamfresh,” and then putting cheese on top to melt.

    Yes, come to think of it, I advise cheese. LOTS OF CHEESE. Cheese and grapes. Melted cheese to dip bread in. Cheese folded into a couple of eggs in omelette form. Cheese on top of a tuna melt. CHEESE!!!

    I love snacking so much, I could go on and on…..hope this ramble gives you some ideas! =)

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