Here she is!


I gave birth to this gorgeous little girl on May 17th, 2009 (11 days early!).  Her name is Miriam Kestrel Buckwalter DeGeorge.  Labor and delivery went really well. Our first challenge was, ironically enough, getting her to eat!  It seemed for a few days that I had given birth to a baby that didn’t want to nurse.  We had to teach her to stop sucking on her tongue.  There were a few bad days with syringe and finger feeding, pumping, and worries about her losing weight and getting jaundiced.  Thankfully we had good lactation consultants helping us.  All that is over now and she is nursing well with the help of a nipple shield.

It has been a huge blessing that we have church friends bringing us meals every other day for two weeks.  Also, my husband is home for two and half weeks, and he cooks for me on the off days.  Last night he made Pizza Margherita and I had my first half glass of wine!  I do have to be careful to not drink too much while nursing since Miriam is so little (on her way back up to birthweight, which was 6 lbs 0 oz) but it’s nice to enjoy a bit of wine with dinner again.

I probably won’t be blogging too much (have I ever blogged very much?) as we spend time getting to know Miriam and settle into a routine with her.  I am excited about summer, and the start of the farmer’s market here in Anchorage.  We already had rhubarb crisp made by a church friend with fresh rhubarb!  Yum.  I am hoping to make this Rhubarb Sorbet sometime this summer.

Oh, and thanks for the snacking suggestions, everyone!  I am happy to report that the Sweet and Salty granola bars were a hit, and I’ve been eating a lot of Triscuits with cheese, and yogurt with strawberries and maple syrup.  Also we’ve been enjoying Dreyer’s frozen fruit bars ever since our childbirth instructor brought them to class one night.  I actually ate a fruit bar during labor.

Off to feed a hungry little girl.  More later…



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2 responses to “Here she is!

  1. Sharon

    She’s beautiful!!!!!!

    Welcome welcome little one and congratulations!!!

  2. Hurrah! We’ve been house-sitting for my brother for a few days, and I’m glad I came here to see her before we return to the Land of No Electricity.

    She is lovely– so very sweet and expressive!

    Enjoy this precious time! It’s so hard at moments to adjust to sleepless nights and the life-shifting that is new motherhood, but I almost envy you the unparalleled wonder of a first baby. (To be sure, each new baby brings its own fresh wonder, but the first one is MAGIC!)

    Congratulations to you and Krestia!

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