Emerging from the haze

Those of you who are mothers will understand why I haven’t blogged in the last three months. Maternity leave was quite busy–two of my sisters visited, then I spent almost a month back east visiting family. Now we are back in Alaska and settling into a routine. I’m working three days a week. My friend Meggan is watching Miriam two of those days, and the third day I work from home or take her to the office with me. It’s a wonderful arrangement so far. I’m so happy about it. The days are busy and full, but a good kind of full, and having two days off during the week is wonderful.
Cooking wise…we’ve been enjoying the bounty of summer in Alaska. We dipnetted salmon for the first time this year! Miriam came along with us to the Kasilof River, and Krestia caught 6 beautiful silver salmon, which turned out to be around 10 lbs of salmon for the freezer. We already wish we had got more. We’re now in blueberry season….here’s a picture from our hike/blueberry picking session last weekend:


We froze a quart of blueberries already, and turned the rest into a pie. Yum. I’ve also been enjoying the farmer’s market and the free produce from my cousin’s garden. I currently have a gigantic zucchini–probably over a foot long, and two inches in diameter–which I think has a future as Chocolate Zucchini Cake. I think I’ll go make that now while Miriam naps…


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