killing three posts with…one post.

Eating Locally in Alfred, NY. I spent a few weeks with my family over the holidays, and I was impressed with Alfred’s food scene! We ate prime rib from Locustbrae Farm, and salad greens from the hydroponic operation at Alfred State College. My sister Janna’s household buys organic raw milk from Sunny Cove Farm, and I just noticed that you can now buy organic local chicken from Windy Ridge Natural Farms. I believe there are several places in the area that sell eggs also (Janna, where do you get yours?). This is all very, very good. Combined with all the canning and freezing you can do with a big garden, it’s getting more and more possible to eat mostly local foods if you live in that area!

My mother-in-law, the pastry chef. Seriously, the desserts she makes are amazing. We spent a few days with my husband’s parents and we ate so well. There was this cake:

She’s good at presentation, isn’t she? I believe it was a hazelnut cake, layered with raspberry jam and real whipped cream, frosted with chocolate ganache and garnished with those amazing little chocolate leaves. We also ate mini pecan tarts, chocolate biscotti and pumpkin custard topped with whipped cream and pecans. All homemade, and all so delicious.

Conquering the whole chicken. I have posted before about my shameful habit of only buying boneless skinless chicken breast. Whole chickens were on sale at the grocery store a few weeks ago, and I bought one. My friend Meggan recommended making Cook’s Illustrated French Chicken in a Pot, and it was a good recommendation. It’s easy and delicious. The next day I made chicken noodle soup with the leftovers, and I felt so thrifty. I have two more whole chickens in the freezer. Next I think I might try cutting one into pieces myself.


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  1. janna

    I usually buy my eggs at Kinfolk, which gets them from a few local places. When I’m on top of things, I buy them straight from Aunt Debbie/Locustbrae Farm, which also sells to Kinfolk when they have enough. Windy Ridge also sells eggs at Kinfolk. I don’t remember what other names I’ve seen

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