dinner tonight

…..was this Sausage Risotto:

I tried making risotto at home for the first time a few weeks ago.  Homemade chicken stock has become a part of my life now, happily, and I’m enjoying making dishes that feature its goodness.  Risotto has developed a reputation as a finicky dish to make, and I was curious to see if I was up for the challenge.  First of all, it’s not that finicky.  You can walk away from the stove.  You can add a cup of broth all at once, turn the heat to low, and leave it for a few minutes, and I promise, the sky will not fall.  However.  On my first try a few weeks ago, the risotto turned out thick and gloppy.  Tonight’s risotto was much better.  I think I was more patient.  I let it cook slowly.  Miriam was taking a nap while I cooked dinner, which helped tremendously.  Last time I ran out of stock and was worried that the flavor of the dish would suffer if I used water, so I let it be too thick.  This time, after adding two cups of broth, I added about two cups of water and I don’t think it affected the flavor negatively.  With sausage and Parmesan cheese dominating the dish, a little water instead of stock is okay.  Next time I think I will try adding a little wine first, before I add the broth.  Even without the wine, we cleaned this up quickly.  I’m sad there won’t be any leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

(p.s.  In an effort to revive my blog, I’m going to try and post once a week about something I made for dinner, with a picture!  My food photography, in a word, stinks.  I am hoping to improve it, and breathe some life into this site.  Let me know what you think.)


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