dinner 3-30-10: Marrakesh moose stew

We were lucky to get some moose meat from my cousin Jess when we visited him and his wife Jill in Fairbanks a few weeks ago.  Moose meat is really good stuff.  Think about it–it’s meat from a free-range, grass (and brush)-fed animal that has not been industrially raised or processed.  It’s lean and takes on other flavors well, and makes excellent stews and chilis.  I think it’s less gamey tasting than venison.  It can be tough so it needs a long cooking time, or a long time marinating in something before cooking.  This stew took about two hours of cooking until the meat was tender enough for my taste.  Moose tastes pretty much like beef, but I don’t know that you would want to eat a big piece of it by itself, like you do with steak.  So far I enjoy it when it’s cooked with other ingredients and good spices, like in this Marrakesh stew from the cookbook Simply in Season.  They say you can use beef, lamb or venison, so I figured, why not moose?   This dish has a few of the old stew regulars–meat, onion, tomato, potato, carrot.  But then you add a cinnamon stick, rutabaga, turmeric, crushed red pepper, cloves, and raisins.  I serve it on couscous, and top it with chopped cilantro, and sometimes even chopped almonds.  We drank some Zinfandel along with it.  It’s delicious–hearty and exotic all at once.


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  1. Yum! It looks really good. I’d like to do more venison if we continue to live in the Northeast for similar reasons.

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