dinner 4-7-10: salmon with cabernet sauce

We are almost out of the dipnetted salmon in our freezer, which means we’ll have to survive through May and June until the next dipnetting season. We’ll definitely stay longer and get more salmon this year. Last year Krestia got six salmon, and we had a six week old baby, and we decided that was enough since we wanted to get home. This year we’ll have a 14 month old baby who will hopefully enjoy the outing a bit more!

This recipe was loosely based on one I found online. I had salmon thawing for dinner, and a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon that we had bought earlier, so it seemed natural to put them together. I think the sauce is like a French buerre blanc (maybe I should call it a buerre rouge). I substituted pear vinegar for the tarragon vinegar, and finely minced onion for the shallot. I’m not very good at sauces. This one had to reduce for awhile, then the butter has to be whisked in piece by piece, and I’m impatient, and it seems overly fussy. I let the sauce sit on very low heat while I finished the salmon, and it turned into something wonderful–tangy, creamy, rich. It was a bit too thin for my liking, so maybe reducing it even more would help! We ate this with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes (Alaska grown!) and freezer peas.


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