all the blog posts I keep meaning to write

There’s one potential blog post in my head about what makes a good green salad.  I’m really picky about salads.  Basically, you need fresh, local greens (spinach, mesclun, arugula are my faves), and then you need fruit, nuts, cheese and maybe a vegetable or two.  I like strawberries, green onions, walnuts and goat cheese.  I also like chopped pear, walnut, dried cranberries and goat cheese.  Green salads should be carefully composed so the flavors and textures go well together.  I can’t stand a green salad that is: lettuce, carrot, broccoli, tomato, any vegetable in the fridge.  Yuck.  All the veggies are bitter and the flavors do not mix at all.  I am excited to be eating good salad again now that we have fresh, local greens.

I’ve also been wanting to write about what Miriam is eating these days.  She’s growing fast and eating mostly table foods.  For breakfast she eats Cheerios, toast, and fruit (strawberries, cherries).  Lunch is usually yogurt, with more fruit (peaches, pineapple) and some kind of grain (more Cheerios, maybe some crackers).  Dinner is usually green peas (she LOVES these and will eat maybe half a cup every day), chunks of cheese, fruit, maybe some leftover roast chicken.  She will eat rice and pasta.  She occasionally will eat potatoes and carrots and broccoli, if I happen to be cooking some for dinner.  I probably don’t feed her enough whole grains, and she gets a lot more fruit than vegetables (a reflection of how her parents eat!).  Still, I am amazed at how much she can eat.  Today she ate two pieces of toast while at the babysitter’s!  For a thirteen month old baby who weighs 17 lbs, that’s pretty good.

And then there’s the blog post about salmon being in season here, now that it’s late June!  Yum.  I’ve been buying it once a week at the market, even though I should wait until we go dipnetting next month and then we can eat our own.  But I’m impatient, and the fresh stuff is so good and beautiful.  Tonight we had Copper River Red Salmon with this sauce.

And then a blog post about eating steak.  I have been craving red meat recently, and have gotten in the habit of buying steak once a week (usually I buy whatever cut is on sale).  It’s fun to try new ways to cook it.  Yesterday we had this salad which was easy and delicious.  We also have had this steak with balsamic pan sauce, which is good.  I have some guilt about eating steak–it’s not that good for you, and has a large carbon footprint.  But it tastes so good….

Speaking of guilt, there’s another blog post in the making about how much guilt I have over our grocery bill.  The aforementioned weekly steak and salmon (plus, of course, wine to go with each) and the weekly farmer’s market haul add up to a not insignificant sum.  I love to eat good things, and good things cost money.  I try to make deals in my head–I don’t buy expensive lattes every day, I don’t spend much money on clothes, make-up, or shoes, I usually pack my lunch–but honestly, I could probably use a little restraint, and splurge on the good stuff more like once a month instead of once a week.  My husband likes to indulge me, so he doesn’t help (he also likes to eat steak and salmon weekly so he’s not complaining!).  I also have guilt about becoming a wino–being raised in a family of teetotalers makes me think there’s something wrong if you have wine several times a week with meals.  In France they do it all the time, though, right?  I need to move to France.  They spend a lot of money on food, and don’t feel guilty about it.  They also go to the market almost every day, which is what we’ve been doing lately.  Lots of small grocery trips add up to a bigger grocery bill.

And finally, the blog post about how I don’t blog enough, and I’m despairing that I’ll never really be a good blogger.  Oh well. Now and then I like to share about what I’m cooking and eating, and I don’t have the time or energy to make this into a world-class food blog with gorgeous photos and regular updates two to three times a week.  I still want to work on improving my food photography.  I have to learn some patience so I can stop and take a picture before eating!



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5 responses to “all the blog posts I keep meaning to write

  1. JDT

    Skip the wine and buy more salmon. 🙂 food is essential, you might as well spend what it takes to eat well. Your grocery bill is still probably a small percentage of your income, especially in proportion to its necessity for maintaining life. Most of my salads consist of whatever is in the pre-packaged, processed bag. I doubt they would meet your exacting standards.

  2. mennogourmet

    JDT, you are a teetotaling Mennonite, so I know where you’re coming from about the wine. But the gourmet side of me says, wine and food have such a great, complex interaction–they compliment each other so well. It’s almost a shame to have a good steak without a good glass of red wine. Water just isn’t the same. 🙂 Jesus liked wine too! But it’s true, I could have less wine, since it isn’t as essential as food.
    (As an aside, the history of the word “teetotaler” is pretty interesting: You’re in good company–Joe Biden is a teetotaler.)

  3. Janna

    you like arugula? you’ll have to help me with that. i don’t think i’ve had it much since i remember not liking it so much when we got it in the CSA in rochester.

    • Janna, I like arugula if it’s in the right dish or salad. 🙂 I actually think it’s good if it’s wilted or cooked a bit. We sprinkle it on hot pizza, and with this steak salad, it wilts with the hot steak and dressing poured over it. The bitterness of the arugula goes really well with the meat and dressing. I agree, it’s tough to like it by itself, and it can be overpowering in a green salad if it’s not thoughtfully composed.

  4. Karen

    I dunno, I say if you like it and can bring yourself to spend the money on it, then do it! I just saved my “old” (8 years) car with an expensive repair, and I have no regrets. (my dad said to sell it- ha.)

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