I’m menno, he’s gourmet

I don’t have much time to blog these days.  I am back to work full time as of a month ago.  That leaves three hours after work every night to spend time with Miriam before she goes to bed.  Thankfully I can focus on her during that time, because I’m not doing much cooking since my husband is now a full-time stay at home dad!  This is a GREAT arrangement.  He knows what makes me happy, so he has been cooking incredible locally-sourced gourmet meals for me every night.  He takes Miriam to the farmer’s market every Wednesday, and we spend the following week eating up all the good vegetables and local beef we buy there.   A few recent hits have been this chicken and beet dish (I actually like beets, when they are grated, and beet greens are delicious), and this beef and arugula dish (it’s so good we’ve been having it once a week).  Roasted vegetables have been a recent hit–locally grown potatoes, carrots, onions, and beets, tossed with olive oil, dried rosemary, salt and pepper, and roasted in a 450 degree oven until nicely browned.  Miriam even eats beets cooked this way!

On the weekends, I do my share of the cooking.  I’m making bread and yogurt now, to help save a little money.  Miriam eats toast for breakfast and yogurt for lunch almost every day, so we’re going through a lot of both things.  I like taking yogurt for an afternoon snack at work, with a piece of fruit.  I’m making the yogurt in my crockpot which is so Mennonite of me, I know (Mennonites love crockpots, although they use them for potlucks–I think it would be hilarious to bring a crockpot full of yogurt to a potluck!).  🙂  The bread recipe is Hearty Grain Bread from Recipes from the Old Mill (another Mennonite cookbook!).  I slice it and put it in the freezer, and pull out one or two pieces at a time for toast and sandwiches.  It has sunflower seeds, bulgur, wheat bran, oats, and whole wheat flour in it, so I know that it’s good stuff.

Fall is almost here.  The air is a bit chilly, and the fall colors are just starting.  We made cranberry muffins and an apple tart this past weekend.  The cranberries we picked ourselves and the apples are Alaska grown (tiny things, but tasty).  I’m not dreading winter, actually.  I feel more prepared this year.  I feel like I’m settling into a good routine which will keep me going.  How are you preparing for winter, and what keeps you going?



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3 responses to “I’m menno, he’s gourmet

  1. Karen

    One of the frustrating parts of being a grad student is not having a routine! Literally, every day is different from every other day (at least when you have random meetings and are running or recruiting research subjects.) I can’t tell you on any given day whether Charles and I will even coincide in the house within several hours of dinnertime. We usually eat different things at different times, unless it’s a special occasion like when I made a veggie lasagna this week. That lasted several days… a rarity, especially since it was good. I have a feeling your food is infinitely more impressive than ours. Glad you guys are (both?) liking the stay-at-home dad thing!

  2. Hilarie

    Same here – with perhaps a slightly more routine-ish schedule because Drew works and is very “regular” and I have weekly things that pretty much always happen, too. (I teach M and W evenings and Thursdays do yoga and go to my friend’s house for our weekly movie get-together. Drew goes to a drum circle every Wed. night, too.)

    Winter preparations? Nonexistent. We still have the air-conditioner in the window, and lately it has alternated between being hot and humid to being super chilly in the middle of the night. Our weather is just nuts right now. Since we’re in a new apartment, I have no idea what the windows will be like for the winter, or how cold / hot it will be in our apartment. We’ll see!!!!

    Lately I’ve been making a bunch of eggplant from my friend’s garden. I cut it into strips, salt and rinse it, and then fry it brown brown brown using that herb-infused basting oil from Wegmans. Onions and garlic and herbs in there too – I throw some flour in to soak things up and get a crispy thing going with the pieces of eggplant. Then I throw it on top of romaine and whatever vegetables are around that I cut up, and eat it as a salad.

    If I have chicken or fish or beef I cook that up and put it over the greens for a meaty salad. I’m obsessed with meat / tofu / eggplant / yummies over salad right now! Drew eats whatever variation of what I make he wants to. He avoids things with ginger, won’t eat pork, and doesn’t love fresh onions or the level of garlic that I do, so I give him part of something and then add that stuff to mine toward the end.

    Admittedly, I do eat out a lot. It’s just part of me. I get Ethiopian at least once every two weeks, and go to Chocolate & Vines about the same. I also love the burrito bowl at Chipotle!!!!!! It’s all very fresh and delicious.

    I did make potato and leek soup the other night partially because I felt winter tapping me on the shoulder. It’s so easy – chop carrots, leek ringies, onions, potatoes, garlic, and maybe some celery into smallish bits, fry with butter until brown and delicious, add spontaneous seasonings, and then add chicken broth / stock and let it blend together for a few minutes. Make sure the potato is cooked through. Then put ladles / scoops full of it into the food processor and blend in batches to whatever level of smoothness you prefer – I like some lumps! Then put back in saucepot and add some cream, (plain) yogurt, or other milk product if you want to. (This time I used yogurt and whipped cream). Done! I like to add some Indian spices too – sometimes from one of my magical curry jars of various combined spices that I get from the Asian Market. Sometimes I don’t add any Indian spices. Depends on the mood. Hehe

    Okay, well I better go to bed!

    Hugs to all,

  3. Rachel

    Thanks for the comments, friends. Karen, I feel like sometimes my life revolves a bit too much around food…all I really do besides work is cook, eat, and occasionally get outside. I really do thrive being on a routine–that’s the boring, type-A side of me. Thankfully Krestia is around to remind me to be spontaneous now and then, and leave the dishes and go for a hike instead, even if it will make the baby’s bedtime a bit late. 🙂
    Hilarie, that soup sounds wonderful!! Thanks for the reminder. I love potato leek soup.

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