Snack cake

I’ve been pondering the phrase “snack cake” recently, having seen it most often over at David Lebovitz’s blog. This is a not-too-sweet cake usually eaten in the afternoon, perfect with tea or coffee. (Note–when you google “snack cake,” the wikipedia entry has a picture of a Twinkie! ugh.) I think I am more of a snack cake person than a regular cake person. Snack cakes usually feature fruit, and have a little more substance to them than just flour, sugar, butter and eggs. I usually don’t go for towering cakes, layered and frosted. Those kind of cakes should be saved for birthdays.

So, here are some of my favorite snack cakes. Miriam and I enjoy having tea parties with a small slice of any of these. Also, I’ve found I like making cakes in a simple 9-inch round pan, more so than a square pan. The round pan makes cake prettier, for some reason.

French apple cake (I always have the ingredients around for this. I like that this is an apple cake without cinnamon and the rum gives it a delicious, different flavor.)

Raspberry buttermilk cake (can use almost any kind of fruit in this. Buttermilk is one of my favorite ingredients–it makes cakes, pancakes, muffins, etc much more delicious)

Moist chocolate beet cake (a little fancier than the usual snack cake–this requires separating yolks and whites)

Making a snack cake has become a weekend ritual around here (maybe more so in the winter than in the summer). I just pulled two loaves of banana bread out of the oven. Last weekend, we polished off an entire French apple cake in two days (with the help of some friends who came over). The weekend before, I made the chocolate beet cake. What are your favorite snack cakes? This one is going on the list for this spring, when I can get some rhubarb.


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  1. Martha

    Whenever I see a snack cake recipe, I think of you. Have you made the chocolate buckwheat one that David Lebovitz posted a little while ago? I thought it seemed like something you would like. I made Smitten Kitchen’s Clementine cake awhile ago when friends came over and it was very fun.

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