2012 review

It was the year of the rotisserie chicken. We actually ate this for dinner last night, New Year’s Eve, and I thought–how fitting. Often we all get home at 5:30 or 6 pm,  and it’s nice to have a fall back plan for those kind of nights. Rotisserie chicken is a part of our weekly dinner rotation. It’s so moist and delicious and barely more expensive than buying and roasting our own chicken. It’s better than take-out, right? Or a frozen pizza. We justify this by stretching one chicken over three meals (we use the carcass to make stock).

It was also the year I learned to make Montreal Style baked beans, slow cooked in the oven.

As a family, we developed a Tim Horton’s problem. Miriam asks for their old-fashioned donuts. I rely on their bagels, soup, and ham and swiss sandwiches for my work lunches a few times per week. I really like their hot black tea with cream and sugar.

We made many trips to the ocean this past summer. We found a great little beach about an hour away and went to it every chance we got. When I remember this past summer, I will think of that beach, and swimming in the cool refreshing Atlantic.

I discovered this great little chocolate shop in Blue Hill. I do think right now Blue Hill holds the title for my favorite town in Maine. It’s on the ocean with a gorgeous coastline. The town itself is small and artsy and it has good food. I often eat lunch at the little community co-op there and just soak in the atmosphere.

We moved to our current location, the wonderful lakehouse. The house is just the right size for us and the location is so beautiful. I know I will have many good memories of our time here. I particularly love the mornings, when the light streams in the wall of windows and the birds are out in full force. I saw a bald eagle just a few weeks ago, and every day I see flocks of ducks or geese winging their way across the lake.

My husband and I started a nightly tradition of gin and tonics after the kid is in bed.  Super delicious, when made with lots of lime and this gin.

As I look ahead to 2013, I’m excited for what it holds. My husband will graduate with his master’s degree. We will move, again. I’m not excited for the moving process but for the next step in our lives. I’m hopeful for a job in public health nursing and a location closer to family, and maybe, just maybe, living in one place for long enough to buy a house, have a garden and put down some roots. I want to spend less time in my car. And I’m hoping to make more bread.



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